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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

MSH Blog Tour Week 10: Block

Here's what's on tap for week 10 of the blog tour:  Writing style:  do you use sprints? Exercises? Prompts?  Just knucke down? Describe your usual routine and what you do to get out of a funk and beat writer's block.

This week is a host and post and my guest is Aya Walksfar. She is the author of Dead Men and Cats and the soon-to-be-released Good Intentions. She can be reached at   http://www.facebook.com/AyaWalksfarAuthor  or her blog at http://www.ayawalksfar.com  



“Wake up!” Jaimie Wolfwalker shook my shoulder as her breath tickled my ear with her whisper. “Wake up! There’s work to do. If we don’t find Auntie...I’m afraid of what might happen.” 

I swat at her with one hand and roll over, crack open an eye. “Cripes! Jaimie, do you know it’s 3 A.M.? I just got to bed at 2! Come on, give me a break. I sat in front of that computer for two solid hours and got six words typed!” 

“Please, get up. I already turned the computer back on. All you have to do is sit down and write.”  Jaimie’s fingertips bit into my shoulder as she shook me more vigorously than before. 

I swung my legs out of bed and stumbled through the dark house. Ghostly blue light seeped from my office. My office chair scooted a little when I flopped down on it. Rubbing burning eyes with the back of one hand, I jiggled the mouse and woke up the computer. Jaimie had thoughtfully pulled up a blank page in the novel Street Harvest

Muzzy minded, I scrolled back a chapter and began reading. The words ran in circles on the computer page. “I’ve got to have some tea before I can even read this.” 

Jaimie followed me into the kitchen, probably afraid I would sneak off to the living room and plop out on the couch. I made a cup of Awake Tea and hoped it would live up to its name. Cup in hand I returned to the computer.  

A half hour later I stared at the determinedly blank computer page. With a sigh, I shoved the chair away from the desk. “I can’t do it, Jaimie. Come on. I am exhausted and Street Harvest isn’t even due to come out until 2014! Cut me some slack.” 

“The book may not be due by your publisher, but what about me? What about Auntie? Do you think we can wait?”

“I’ll work on it tomorrow, well, I guess I mean later today. Okay?” 

“No. You’re just procrastinating. Just do it.” 

I rubbed my neck as I stared at her face pinched with worry. “Just do it, huh?”

“Yes, just start putting words on paper. Or in this case, computer screen. It’ll make sense after a while.” 

I stared into her dark eyes. “You that worried about Auntie?” 

She nodded. “Her and the kids.” 

“I’ll do my best. Can’t guarantee anything, you know?” 

“Yes, I understand.” She tucked her hair behind her ears and pulled up the wood, straight-back chair. 

Desk chair wheeled back up to my keyboard, I began to type.   


I'd like to thank Aya Walksfar to coming to my humble blog and be sure to visit her blog and Facebook page. As always, thanks for reading.


  1. This is a Broken Aesop. At the start of the story, the (suspiciously nameless) writer said they tried writing for two hours. It wasn't an issue of 'just do it'. Certainly procrastination can be a problem but this short story has a mixed message. I recommend changing that line to 'I didn't have time'.

  2. I didn't write this, it was written by Aya Walksfar. She sent it to me to host on my blog.