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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Childhood Fear

To anyone who knows me, I have an irrational fear of sharks. This is fairly ironic considering I grew up in Wyoming. I can barely look at a picture of a shark. That’s why there isn’t one for this post.
I honestly blame my fear on an overactive imagination and Steven Spielberg. I remember watching Jaws alone in the dark on TV when I was a very little kid. As a kid, we think in concrete terms. If A is true in this instance, then A is true in all instances. I grew afraid of pools and the ocean. After all, sharks lived in water. Pools are filled with water. Couldn’t a shark swim up through the drain and get me? Yep, that was my line of thinking. I really believe I was traumatized by that movie.
I have never gotten over this fear. I have tried looking at pictures, and watching the movie Deep Blue Sea several times. But I can’t get away from it completely. Any time a shark is shown on TV, I jump in the air. I can’t stand Shark Week on TV. My wife Yoko creeped me out when we were snorkeling in Okinawa and she quoted Bruce the great white from Finding Nemo. (But give Bruce a break, he never knew his father).
My friends love teasing me about it. How about you, readers? What scares you? Thanks for reading.

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