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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

A Media Tie-In Author

Being an author is great. And one of the greatest aspects of it is building your own worlds. In your stories, characters can do whatever you want them to do. You set the rules.
But you have to make all those rules, and sometimes it is nice to play in someone else’s sandbox. Many authors do this, writing books set in a franchise’s universe. This is called media tie-in. All those Star Trek, Star Wars, Resident Evil, and World Of Warcraft novels? All media tie-ins.
It can be quite a lucrative career if you’re good at it. If the property is popular, it can mean steady work. Sometimes I’d like to unburden myself with having to think out every detail and play by someone else’s rules. 
Here are a few franchises I’d like to write novels in, if I ever got the chance.
Star Trek. Pretty much a no-brainer, as I am a Trekkie. Either Enterprise era, a John Harriman Enterprise-B novel, or post-Nemesis.
Sukeban Deka. A Japanese franchise about a high school girl who works undercover for the police. Her weapon is a super powered yo-yo. Sounds like fun.
Silent Mobius. A favorite anime of mine. Some great SF.
Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040. Girls in battle suits fighting monsters.
Steel Angel Kurumi. My favorite anime. Not sure if I have the humor for it, but I’d try.
Star Wars. So many possibilities.
Batman movie universe. Novels set in any of the movie universes would be fun. I’d like to see Robin John Blake’s adventures after The Dark Knight Rises. Shumacher’s version would be a fun over-the-top universe to write in. The Tim Burton series is a nice mixture of the other two.
Are there any movies or TV shows you wished continued on in print form? Please comment and thanks for reading.

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