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Friday, May 16, 2014

Mobile Gamer

I don’t have a game console. No Wii, no PS3, no DS. I have my iPad and iPhone. I’m a mobile gamer.
For a while, I considered getting a console. The last one I had was a Playstation one. That’s right, I didn’t even upgrade to PS2. Just a lowly little Playstation. But I decided against buying one because I didn’t need another distraction in my life; I already watch TV and movies, and surf the Net too much as it is. I don’t need more things keeping me from writing, or making me play until the last minute before I absolutely must leave for work.
I like simple mobile games that don’t take too much time in a single sitting. I play Smurfs’s Villiage, Poko Pang, Valkyrie Crusade, and a few others. I use to play Candy Crush until I got too frustrated, and occasionally play Jewel Mania. Hidden object games are fun as well. I still play Angry Birds, and I have a lot of Garfield games.
I like looking for new games, and pursuing the Games category on the App Store. I usually don’t buy many, I look for free ones. I almost never do in-app purchases, although I have occasionally for Smurfs.
Mobile games are simple. fun, time wasters. I can’t get into massive online RPGs. Too time consuming and complicated. 
Are there games you enjoy, readers? Let me know in the comments.
Thanks for reading.

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