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Friday, June 21, 2013

MSH Blog Tour: Week 4 - Peeves

This week's MSH blog tour theme is pet peeves. This was to be a host and post, but Mai Jagyar's came in a little late. I'm still posting it and I hope everyone enjoys. Read on!


This is Mai:
Mai Jagyar
Fairly new at the whole blog….thing.  Not very good at expressing what I want with my future in writing, but I will definitely give it a try. Here I go!
I plan to be a writer, of coarse, but I thought I would try and start off with a Blog. A good friend of mine asked me to join her on this  journey of being a Blogger. To test my willingness to write for ‘the viewers,’ so to say. My stories will be unique and might even test some of you because I am sporadic to the highest degree. I tend to not keep at just one story so I have many that I am working on. To be honest about 13 to be exact, though I do have more than that, which do not count as being  stories more like ideas for ones. Iwill try and not start up another one because  in the end it will be thrown on the pile and I will ‘occasionally’ get to it if I am in the mood to write on that particular one.
I am very Random with my writing. The funny thing about the genre that I stick to is just that, what genre? I do them all. I don’t just stick with one. I have many interests so my writing does the same. From Supernatural to Mythical, Erotic to New Love, even Fantasy and Sci-Fi is mixed in with it all. With this I hope to gain the support to just keep to one. I have one finished story, I am not a complete failure. I just need to stay focused on one at a time. :3
Alright enough about that…
A little background about me, I know, that up there could be background enough but I have to at least tell you what I enjoy doing other than the obvious.
Mai Jagyar is my name. Yes, it is an odd name, but there is nothing I can do about it, its for life. I just graduated Jefferson College with an  Associate of Arts which consists of  just  general studies. I hope to go on to a higher end school and all nonetheless that deals with having money. Money I do not have. I feel no need to be in debt at the moment with school loans either. First, I need to get into the groove of writing my own stuff  for a bit before I get into what the teachers ‘expect’ me to do again. Next is is to work and  relax for a bit. Building up some revenue to further my education later or maybe to travel to a few different places. I have to take my time nothing good ever comes at rushing things.
I am young, however I do know that sometimes one needs to take a break to get their priorities straight and  see where they stand. So far I am still…clueless as ever…  to what I want to do with my life but at least I am thinking about it. My passion is writing and missions, still I need a backup. Unfortunately I come up with a blank. Hope my first choice does not run for the hills.

I’m a member of the MHS writing group, here’s the link:
The blog tour page can be found at:

Pet Peeves:
I do not have many pet peeves but for the ones I do they get me a yammering. Not only with my own work but if I happen to be looking over another writers work too. For example: I sometimes do this still. When someone uses the wrong tense, past or present I re-read the paragraph (sometimes the page) and rewrite it into the correct tense. A good friend and neighbor of mine pointed out that a while back when I was still in high school and I contentiously look out for it today. I even notice it in published books that I stumble upon and shake my head. 
The second is repeating works; like, than, said, had, and many more. You will see many words on the editing side about that. Again, I do the same and every time I reread my work I have to make sure I am not repeating those words again and again.
Lastly is dialog. Dialog has to flow with what is going around the characters in the story. Not what you as the writer would think was cool or such, pull your life out of the equation and stand in their shoes. Don't think like yourself, think like the character you made and run with it. What experiences did you have them go through. How they would react is what creates the dialog. Yes, the writer created the character but when they are made they need to stick with the act. Don't change how they speak or react. It gets confusing and frustrating.

That is all that really pushes my buttons. It is not many but it is something so if you want me to look at any of your work beware of the consequences. You might just get a page from me on what needs a fixing. I do the same to myself, but worse. For your worse critic is yourself.

Till we meet again,
Mai Jagyar


I'd like to thank Mai for stopping at my blog and giving her views about writing pet peeves. As always, thanks for reading.

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