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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

MSH Blog Tour: Week 7 - Interview

Here is what we were told to do for week 7 of the MSH blog tour: "Character Interview.  Interview your main character - or characters.  BE creative people you are writers after all." I'll give it my best shot. This interview is with Artorius, one of the main characters of Adventure Hunters. The episode below is mentioned in the novel and I thought I would expand upon it.


The following is a transcript of a prisoner interview. Officers: Commander Kee and Ensign Booker. Prisoner: Artorius.

PLACE: Jail Wing, Constable Station 3
Kee: What's your name, son?
Artorius: Artorius.
(Prisoner has Sigil Of Disgrace branded on left cheek. Letters HY) Kee: I don't recognize that Sigil. What was your kingdom?
Artorius: Hyion, sir.
Kee: Hyion? King Valdore's kingdom, right?
Artorius: Yes.
Kee: What did you do?
Artorius: I was accused of attempting a coup. I tried to stop it, not start it.
Kee: Hmm. You know why you're here?
Artorius: Wearing Paladin armor is illegal for Sigil Bearers.
Kee: How long have you been in Vaneer?
Artorius: Six months, sir.
Kee: And you hadn't been caught until now? You don't exactly blend into a crowd.
Artorius:: Your patrols are a little weak. Ensign Booker here often overlooks the meat district. Two patrols cover the northeast corners but you need more men between the Temple of Runa and the outskirts. A variation in timing between sweeps, as well as in officer rotations might improve your vigilance rate. Sir.
Booker: I swear…I've never seen this man before. I don know how he-
(To Ensign Booker) Kee: Shut it. (To Prisoner) You know our routines pretty good. Personnel, too, it seems.
Artorius: Habit.
Kee: Come on out. Got some more questions for you. Get those cuffs off him. (Prisoner demonstrates that restraints have already been removed, most likely picked by prisoner himself) Ain't you a corker.
(Interrogation moved)
PLACE: Reception area of Constable Station 3 
Kee: With skills like that, you could be quite the mercenary.
Artorius: That doesn't appeal to me
Kee: why not?
Artorius: It's not how things are done.
Kee: Really? Many of your… in your situation have stepped outside the law. Mercenaries, assassins…
Artorius:: I…I won't go that route.
Kee: Is it that simple?
Artorius: I admit, since my… I use to think in black and white. But to survive… The world is many shades of gray.
Kee: Many shades of gray… I like that. Your armor isn't all sparkly. You were involved that house fire last night, weren't you?
Artorius:: Yes, sir.
Kee: You raced in, got those two children out, while the fire department just stood back and said nothing could be done. (sighs). You put me in quite a pickle, son. A pickle. And I don't like pickles, either these or the vegetables. I been at this job a long time. I know a man when looking him in the eyes. and yours are trustworthy. you may be a Sigil Bearer but I don't think it was warranted. Maybe you'll tell me in time. (Ensign Booker attempts to talk) Shut it, Booker. (To prisoner) Now here is the deal. You don't bother us, we don't bother you. You did a great service saving those little ones last night. The parents are grateful and so am I. Stay low and stay clean. Got it?
Artorius: Yes sir. Thank you.
Kee: Now get out of here.
(Prisoner is released)
End of interview.


I hope you enjoyed this little exercise. If you want to know more about Artorius, be sure to check out Adventure Hunters when it is released by Mountain Springs House. As always, thanks for reading.

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