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Monday, March 31, 2014

My Ideal Writing Space

Writers love this question, don’t they? Imagining your dream home is something everybody does, and having that one little retreat to call your own is an irresistible fantasy.
As a reader, I like seeing the writing spaces of my favorite authors. It makes me feel a connection to them. As I am reading their current release, it’s fun to imagine them working on it. They seem more there, you know? Like they aren’t creating stories in a vacuum. That they are inhabiting a real space.
My ideal space would be my man cave. I’d like a nice desk with a comfortable chair. My room would have no windows, or if that was impossible, small high windows I couldn’t see out of. I’d most likely get distracted if I had a view. My long desk would have an iMac, because I’m an Apple fan. Wireless speakers would be nice because I love listening to soundtracks while I write. Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and almost anything by Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman are particular favorites.
Another necessity is my Battlestar Galactica notebook and Stephen King Constant Reader mug. Beverage of choice? Coffee.
Besides the numerous things I have collected over the years but my wife won’t let display in our home, there are some special things I’d love to have, and I may get starting on trying to acquire them. Since this is indeed my ideal (and most likely never-going-to-be realized) dream space, there are several things I’d decorate it with. First and foremost would be the poster of Morning Musume I bought at their Rival Survival concert. Without a doubt the best concert I have been to. I was in the first row with a great friend seeing my favorite singers. What is NOT great about that? Btw, that poster is rolled up and waiting in a cardboard box at the moment.
The next set of decorations would be autographs. This would be a combination of books and art from my favorite writers and comic artists. I have some signed books and comics now: The Devil’s Workshop by Stephen J. Cannell, an issue of Divine Right by Jim Lee, various Star Trek photos I got at DragonCon, and a trade paperback of Astro City signed by Kurt Busiek. Other things I would like to have would be signed books from Christopher L. Bennett, David Mack, Dayton Ward, and artwork from Brett Booth, J. Scott Campbell, and Rob Liefeld.
That is my ideal writing space. Nothing really large. Just surrounded by the things I like.
It’s a nice dream.
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