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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wonder Woman On TV

It’s 2014! One of my resolutions for the year is to blog on a more regular basis. To that end, I looked for blogging prompts, ideas to help me throughout the year, and to hopefully keep my motivation going. The prompt I picked for this post was: which childhood TV show do you wish you could bring back?
My first thought was Small Wonder. I changed my mind and picked one they tried to bring back, but failed: Wonder Woman. In the 80s I watched her on TV. I guess even as a kid I had a thing for strong female characters. She is a great character who just can’t catch a break when it comes to jumping into the live action realm. But with today’s wave of comic book characters hitting the small and big screens, I’d love to see WW come back.
Which brings me to the failed pilot starring Adrianne Palicki. I have seen the bootleg pilot that never aired and you know what…it wasn’t that bad. Written by David E. Kelley (Ally McBealThe Practice, and many more) it had his trademarks and was a refreshing 21st-century take on the character. It had its flaws (like the Diana Prince alter-ego sadly eating ice cream while watching romance movies) but it was a pilot episode. The pilots are never the best episodes of a show’s first season. First seasons aren’t usually the best of a show’s run, if you think about it. It takes a while for the writing staff to get use to the characters and how best to present their stories. Even David E. Kelley admitted they went wrong. “We made mistakes with ours. My only regret is we were never given a chance to correct them. We had a lot that was right about it and a great cast. In time, we could have fixed what we had done wrong, we just didn’t get that chance. All my series have been a work in progress to a certain extent where you figure them out by episodes three, four or five. This one actually gelled sooner than any that I have had in the past. We would have gotten there and I wish we were afforded a little more time. ” (from this interview).
I hated that the show never got a chance. The pilot didn’t EVEN AIR and people were bashing it. At least give a show a season to determine its fate. Kelley said it was a genre he wasn’t use to, but I think after a while the show could have found its groove. With the Net able to deliver movie news on an almost take-by-take basis, people are jumping the gun and forming opinions without seeing the whole thing together. It’s like judging a symphony concert by listening to rehearsals.
With news of WW appearing in the Man Of Steel sequel, I’m hoping the Amazon Princess can step into the glow of the big and small screen. As always, thanks for reading.

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