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Monday, April 21, 2014

Se7en Weekend Activities

Seven things to do this weekend that do not take an excessive amount of planning.
Card/board game night with friends and family. Almost every family has boardgames in their house or at least a pack a cards. Call up some friends, or make it a family affair if everyone else is busy. There are so many to choose from: Uno, Clue, Monopoly Klingon Edition. I’m really hoping to get a game of Triad going with my Battlestar Galactica playing cards I bought.
Road trip within an hour’s drive. Not every vacation has to be long distance. There are probably lots of interesting or unexplored areas not far from home. Try going somewhere you haven’t been. Such a short drive means you’ll have most of the day to explore and still get back home at a reasonable hour.
Movie marathon. Pick a theme like a movie series (Harry Potter) or star (George Clooney) or director (David Fincher). Make sure to take a break every couple of hours to give your eyes a rest.
Start/finish a craft project. Maybe you sew or paint or make jewelry. The weekend could be a great time to hole up and let your designs and ideas pour out.
Backyard cook out. Nothing fancy. A grill if you have one, or a makeshift fire pit. Cook hot dogs and burgers and roast s’mores. Simple and tasty.
Join a free community group/activity. Every weekend there are book club meetings or fandom discussions. Check online listings for your local area to see if there an area of interest that clicks with you.
Volunteer. Along the same lines as above, there are community projects and activities happening all the time. Look for a cause you believe in and lend a hand, even if only for a day.
Any other ideas out there? As always, thanks for reading.

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