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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Writing Prompt

One of the prompts on my list is a creative writing starter. It gives the first sentence and I must finish it as a little story. I’ve never done flash fiction before, so here goes.
He saw her just as she stepped from the train platform into the car and without a second thought, he abandoned his plans and followed her steps. The mass of exiting people threatened to separate him from his quarry, but he made it into the car half a second before the doors slid close.
She lowered herself into an empty chair, her back still to him. He paused, wondering if she would turn around and see him. But she didn’t. He heard the whine of the mag-lev train engine starting, then the slight rock of the carriage as the high speed transport began its journey. He ignored the sign above his head advertising the 2312 Olympics, his focus was solely on her. He had ninety minutes until they reached Paris.
The seat bench across from her was empty. He slid into it and settled in next to the window. She looked at him, her eyes an almost electric blue. She blinked three times in succession; he knew that she was clearing the data from her smart contacts that had just ran a facial recognition search. She now knew his name and Internet address. He tried to smile but failed. She turned her attention away from him. She didn’t know him; of course not, they had never met.
Eighty-five minutes to Paris.
He had eighty-five minutes to tell her he was her son.
I hope you enjoyed this. As always, comments are welcome and thanks for reading.

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