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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Love Of Apple

I’m a Mac guy. Until I have kids. Then I’ll be a Mac daddy.
An incredibly lame joke, I know. I couldn’t resist. But I am a Mac fan. I have an iPad and an iPhone. Yoko and I share a MacBook, and she has an iPhone, iPad Mini, and an iPod. I’d love to get an iMac desktop model.
Macs were the first computers I used on a regular basis. One of my friends had a Windows or Dos computer (can’t remember which), and used it to play Oregon Trail and text-based RPGs. The school newspaper at Cody High School used Macs, way back on the System 7 OS. I joined the newspaper staff in my junior year and stayed until I graduated. I did page layout, using Adobe Pagemaker. It was my first experience using a computer for something other than classwork.
I later bought a refurbished iMac, back when they were in colors and egg-shaped. Macs are just easy to use. They are intuitive and designed well. I have never been a big computer fan, so having all sorts of options and upgrade features never really appealed to me. I just want a computer that works. I like that about Apple products. They just work.
The Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaccson talks about open and closed systems. Apple is closed, letting the manufacturer control the user experience. Microsoft is open, letting lots of different companies give options to the consumer. Both options have merits, but I like Apple’s system. The company is really in touch with customers and know how to blend art and technology.
I have faith Apple will continue to do well without Jobs. But I’ll miss him. I’ll always be a Mac guy.
Thanks for reading.

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