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Monday, May 05, 2014

Once I Started...

Why did you start blogging?
That’s a fairly easy prompt to answer. I first started blogging in connection with being an author. I used it as a marketing tool to get my name out there and help promote the first edition of Adventure Hunters. (FYI, the second edition will eventually be published by Mountain Springs House). 
I keep doing it because it is fun. It’s hard finding new topics to write about, especially on a daily basis. I went months on my original platform without anything, then came back to it. I tried blogging once a week, but most social media experts say at least three times a week is good. I’m proud of the fact I have had 32 posts so far this year. I’m not sure if I can keep up this pace, but I’ll try.
I’ve enjoyed blogging much more than I thought I would. It’s fun, especially for people who have a strong interest or skill set. It is a great way to impart knowledge, give your opinions, rant (as long as it isn’t hateful or spiteful), and share your passions. It’s nice when someone ‘Likes’ your post, comments, or, the Golden Snitch, thinks what you have written is valuable enough to be shared and reposted somewhere else. (I haven’t got there quite yet).
Any fellow bloggers out there? Why did you start writing? Thanks for reading.

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