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Monday, July 18, 2016

Cabin In The Woods

I've always liked and disliked the whole "if you were stuck on a deserted island..." scenario. I thought it was interesting in that it made you think about your favorite books and movies and talking about them with the people who asked that question. On the other hand, it always bothered me that I would either have my favorite stuff on me when I accidentally crashed onto an island or that I would knowingly go to a deserted island in the first place.

After seeing several memes that did a variation on that scenario, I present you with the "cabin in the woods." It's the same basic game of having you think of your favorite things. Here is the situation: you're invited to spend a year in a secluded cabin. There is no wifi or internet and the TV doesn't receive any outside signal. Your news comes from a newspaper delivered once a week. All the food and necessities you need are provided for. You're allowed to bring the following:

1 music album
1 movie
1 book
1 TV show on disc

Which do you choose to bring for a whole year?

This is what I would have in my cabin in the woods.

Music - Platinum 9 Disc by Morning Musume. It contains my all time favorite song Resonant Blue. I could live with that.
Movie - Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. I love this movie despite what critics say. There is so much going on to make it rewatchable.
Book - The Shining. This was a tough one. But a family trapped in the mountains in a haunted hotel? Appropriate.
TV show - The Big Bang Theory. Again, another tough call. But I'd want something funny to help me through.

How about you, readers? Could you live Internet free for a year if you had your favorites? Comment below about what you would take to your cabin in the woods.

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