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Friday, September 02, 2016

Zero Sum Game Now Available

I can finally say: my newest book is available!

Zero Sum Game is available for pre-order on Amazon. It will be published on September 16 and will come in both ebook and paperback formats.
Here is the official description "The resurrection of one world will mean the destruction of another.

The homeworld of the alien Noigel has been annihilated. Their existence as a species is on a razor's edge. But they have found a replacement: Earth. But it must be changed to suit their needs. If they succeed, all of humanity will perish.

When an alien secret agent is killed, his technology and mission are given to Hina Takamachi. The Japanese schoolgirl discovers the alien's battle suit gives her incredible powers, just like the anime heroines she admired as a kid. The battle suit's artificial intelligence, whom Hina names Voice, informs her that only she can save the world from the Noigel.

With Voice training and guiding her, Hina must overcome her own self-doubts and find the courage to stop the Noigel's plan.

For one world to win, the other must lose."

I've very excited about this release, as it is my first associated with Excalibur Books. I'll be joining other talented writers like John Paul Catton and Zoe Drake.

I hope you enjoy Zero Sum Game!

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